From Here
To Eternity

     When Princess Anne visited the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, she was intrigued by the space suits of the astronauts, and asked astronaut Neil Armstrong: ‘Is there any danger of a rip?’ The relaxed Armstrong replied: ‘The difference between eternity and life is about one-hundredth of an inch of rubber.’
     When the fugitive David was fleeing for his life, he cried: ‘Truly as the Lord liveth, ... there is but a step between me and death’ (1 Samuel 20:3).  Realizing the brevity and vanity of life, the king later prayed: ‘Lord, make me to know mine-end, and the measure of my days, what it is; that I may know how frail I am’ (Psalm 39:4).
     Life at its strongest is fragile. Like the butterfly it is easily crushed and destroyed. Asechylus was killed by the fall of a turtle, dropped from the claws of an eagle in the air. Agathocles, tyrant of Sicily, was killed by a toothpick.   Charles VIII was conducting his queen into a tennis court, struck his head against the lintel, causing his death.
     Not only is death only a step away but a young couple asking their minister  " how far is it to Heaven?” he replied  ‘Just a step, will you take it?”

Only a step, only a step;
Come, He waits for thee;
Come, and thy sin confessing,
Thou shalt receive a blessing;
Do not reject the mercy
He— freely offers thee..

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