Many years ago there lived in a large city a little dog by the name of Jack. Tiring of always walking in the muddy streets he tried to climb up unto the nice clean pavement. However, every time he tried to jump he kept falling back into the dirty pot holes. He was just too small. Passers by seeing his struggles and thinking it comical they laughed. After awhile a workman taking pity upon him  lifted him up unto the clean pavement.
         That is exactly what the Lord Jesus Christ has done for us. He left heaven and came to earth to lift us from sin and ruin. The Psalmist David said "He brought me up also out of an horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock" (Psalms 40:2). He gave his life for us on the cross. If only you call upon him he reaching down his mighty hand will lift you out of your sin and set you on the clean and narrow way that leads to heaven and to home.



"Is not my word.... like a  _ _ _ _ _ _ "
Using the first letter of the objects shown form the word to finish the above text

(Answer: Look up Jeremiah 23:29)

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