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Buy of me - Revelation ch 3 v 18 (mp3 format)

By Rev James Porter

(Current Minister, MFPC)

The Gospel - 2 Corinthians chapter 4 v 3
 The folly of rejecting Christ - Matthew 11 v20-24 .

Called out of Darkness - 1 Peter chapter 2 v1-10

2 Corinthians chapter 8 v 9

2 Timothy chapter 1 v 12

Acts chapter 16 v 30 What must I do to de Saved?

Ephesians Chapter 2 vv 12 & 13

Exodus Chapter 12 v 13

In God's hands - Deuteronomy ch. 33 v 3

God's Saving Grace - Ephesians ch.2 v 8

God's voice - Hebrews ch. 3 v 7 & 8

The Cross of Christ - John ch. 12 v 32


Drinking at the Fountain Head - John 7 verse 37 

By Rev Thomas Murray

(Minister MFPC 96 - 05)

Losing touch with God - Malachi 1 verse 1 - 5

A lost opportunity - Matthew 25 verse 29 -30
A Royal recipe for Revival - 2 Chronicles 7 verse 14
Christ the root - Isaiah 53 verse 2
The Way, Wonder and Wealth of Salvation - Romans 10 verse 13
Celebrating the Queen's Golden Jubilee - Leviticus 25 verse 9
The Sword of the Spirit -Ephesians 6 v 17 - (pdf document)
Departure into Moab - Ruth 1 vv 1 - 6 (1st in a series from Ruth)
Wandering Widows - Ruth 1 vv 6 - 18 (2nd in a series from Ruth)


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The Rev. James Porter -  Wait on the Lord and keep his way (Psalm 37) - MP3 format.

The Rev. James Porter - Cry of Jubilation John 19 v 30 - MP3 format.

Rev James Porter - Almost persuaded - MP3 format sermon

Rev James Porter - Strive to enter in at the strait gate - MP3 format audio sermon.


Rev James Porter The Conversion of Matthew (Matthew ch.9 v 9 - 14) - MP3 format audio sermon

Rev Trevor Baxter - The Foolish Farmer. A message preached at the harvest services from Luke chapter 12.

Rev Thomas Murray - John chapter 3 v 3 and Matthew chapter 7 v 23 & 24

(2 short messages recorded specially for the Markethill Free Presbyterian Church website)

Rev Thomas Murray - Here I come, ready or not - a message on the second coming of the Lord. Are you ready?

(Matthew Chapter 24 v 42)

Rev Thomas Murray - From Immorality to Immortality - a message on Rahab

(Joshua Chapter 2 v 1)

Rev Thomas Murray - Are you too busy ?

(Exodus Chapter 18 v 17 - 18)

Rev Thomas Murray - Love's Lasting Labour

(Mark Chapter 14 v 3 - 9)

Rev Thomas Murray - How can I know that the Bible is the Word of God ?

(Genesis ch. 3 v 1 - This file is optimized for a 56 kbps modem )

Rev Thomas Murray - Is there a God ? How can I know?

(Psalm 19)

Rev Thomas Murray - Justification by faith

(Romans Chapter 5 v 1)

Rev Thomas Murray preaching

 (sample from audio tape Judges Chapter 4 verse 22 Death of Sisera)

Rev Thomas Murray - Where Two or Three are Gathered Together

(Matthew ch 18 vv 19 - 20)

Rev Thomas Murray - The Holy Spirit

(John Ch 1 v 32)

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Real Audio & mp3 Testimonies

Gary Goodes Part 1 Part 2 (wma format)

Mrs J Graham

Mrs Carol Abernethy

Mrs Eileen Paisley (Gospel Mission March 2002)

Mrs Shirley Herron (Special Anniversary meetings 2002)

Mr Alfie Stewart (ex Irish League football player - Portadown and Ballymena United)

Mr Jim Purdy (Newtownhamilton, South Armagh)

Mrs Patricia Hamilton (God's Grace through a time of trial and bereavement) - mp3 format

Armen Thomassian testimony (mp3 version)

Real Audio Gospel Music

Mr Paul Irwin

A Sinner Saved by Grace

Remind Me

Pity the Man

Blessed Assurance

He Who was and Is

My Jesus on the Cross

Mrs Carol Abernethy

There is a green hill far away


Mrs Helen Magill

My redeemer

You cannot find cleansing in water

How deep the Father's love


Mrs Clare Russell

I Want You to Know

When I survey

He Could Have Called

Around me

What kind of love is this ?


Mrs Denise Parkes

How Deep the Father's love

My Jesus I love Thee

God's final call

Mrs Naomi Wolfenden


If ever I loved Thee

Sweeter than the honey

It is well (mp3 format)

Speak O Lord

Rose of Bethlehem

O Holy Night


The Monteith Family

I Claim the Blood

Thank God

Count Your Blessings (Instrumental)

Mrs Kathryn Mitchell

Invitation Time

Come into the Ark

O Teach Me

This Altar Call

Mr Joe Peden

Something Worth Living For

He Touched Me

Jesu's Blood


Mr. Mark Clements

Plenty of time

Throw out the Lifeline

Mrs Grace McClintock

Jesus Saves (mp3 version)

I will go and Jesus your name (mp3 version)

The Monteith Family

Great is thy faithfulness & When Mercy walked in

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